Arthur Torosian

Arthur Torosian has spent a lifetime connected to all aspects of aviation.

As well as flying 90% of the aircraft illustrated in the book, he worked at McDonnell Douglas as Director of Performance and Control, Director of Product Design, Chief Pilot Customer support and engineering test pilot.

He has an Airline Transport Rating, is type rated in the DC-8, DC-9, MD-80 and DC-10. He is a graduate of the USAF Experimental Test Pilot School, USAF Research Pilot Course, and the California Institute of Technology, MS Aeronautics.

The primary and contributing causes of about 60% of airplane accidents have been attributed to pilot error.
— Arthur Torosian, Introduction


  • Every aspect of piloting and aeronautics as they relate to aircraft
  • Over 600 hundred clear, detailed figures, tables, charts & illustrations
  • In-depth analysis of major aircraft incidents, near misses, crashes and accidents
  • Summary of historically notable aircraft types
  • Written in clear, concise, easy-to-understand english (no jargon!)
  • Detailed glossary of aeronautical terms
  • Over 600 pages
  • Comprehensive index
  • Invaluable for pilots, aspiring pilots, accident investigators, college engineering students, flight schools and everyone interested in planes and aeronautics