CHAPTER 16: Wind Shear


Understanding the cause, type and the effect that wind shear has on airplane performance is vital for the pilot and accident investigator. It was 1970 when wind shear was first recognized as a hazard to airplanes. Since then wind shear has been identified as the primary cause of a large number of aircraft accidents. Federal Agencies, airplane manufacturers and operators conducted studies and tests to determine the effect a wind shear encounter has on airplane performance, and to develop appropriate ground and flight procedures. 

  • Microbursts 
  • Frontal Activity Wind Shear 
  • Mountain Wave 
  • Wind Shear 
  • Pilot Issues 
  • Wind Shear Accidents 
  • Wind Shear Analysis
  • Lateral Wind Shear
  • Pilot Wind Shear Initiatives
  • Airborne Wind Shear Detection and Alerting Systems 
  • Ground Based Wind Shear Detection Systems 
  • Wright Flyer